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Heaven love's to hear your Praise Reports... keep in touch!

Prophet Clarissa Kusi

P. O. Box 901

Antioch, TN 37011

((((((((24 HOUR PRAYER LINE)))))))))

Contact: 615-414-5493

Prayer is a way of life, a way to move through life

with peace in our hearts. Prayer is a tool,

which we use to build our awareness of God

within and to bring ourselves closer to God.

It is this awareness of God's presence that

keeps us poised and centered.

24 Hour Prayerline & Prayer Requests

Booking Information

If you would like for Prophet Kusi to speak at your next event or worship service. If you would like to host our next women retreat or conference Please give us a call with your date, times and location and Inspired for You Outreach will be honored to worship with you. NOTE: NO EVENT TO SMALL just give us a call. We are willing to work with you! Prophet Kusi is also a Motivational Speaker.

Contact us at: or 615.414.5493



Dear God: Make my paths ways straight help me to walk this holy walk with you, Lord. When I come before you I desire to hear "Well done thou good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of the Lord." Lord, thank you for filling my life with your purpose, your praise and your worship. Father, thank you for showing me how to serve you with a perfect heart, a willing mind and to love you Father, with all my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, and my strength. Incline my heart unto you to walk in all your ways, and keep your commandments, statues, and judgments. Thank you for creating in me a clean heart and renewing the right spirit within in me. I trust you with my whole life Lord and I place every problem and all that I own and all that I have in your hands! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

Please complete the form below with your prayer request and please complete the entire form if your would like Prophetess Clarissa Kusi to call you or response to your request. Praise God for taking the time to visit our site.

We are looking forward to hearing from you...

Prophet Clarissa Kusi


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